The future of retail design with OMA/AMO.

"For its 40th anniversary, Stone Island partners with OMA/AMO to revolutionize its stores’ ID to create points of reference, hubs for its communities, spaces transcending transactional activities designed to experience the wealth of the brand research and experimentation on design and product manipulation. The space will host public presentations, salons, workshops, and private events, forming a base for current and new customers, complementing the brand’s online presence.

A new documentary film by Jeremy Elkin, narrated by OMA/AMO's Samir Bantal, highlights Stone Island’s approach in transforming materials from typical into unique inspirations. The stone-like palettes of the spaces are formed with specially treated off-the-shelf materials – without actual concrete or stone. Shredded paper and resins are compressed under high pressure to become durable “concrete panels." Cork - the central material to the Stone Island stores – is burned, sandblasted and coated, turning dark and textured, while maintaining its sound-absorbing, humidity-controlling features. Corrugated steel panels, sand-coated, acquire a soft surface. A large digital chandelier, suspended from the ceiling, broadcasts Stone Island’s culture to its community."